The Future of Hiring Practices

As we all embark on a new destination in life, there is a constant bug in our mind.  It pesters us about WHAT we are going to do with our lives once we graduate from UoGH.stock-footage-interview-between-a-businessman-and-a-woman-in-his-office

This blog is dedicated to disseminating the resources required to get a job after graduation and the current and future of hiring practices of employers.

Needless to say.  Times have changed and will never be the same.  Employers are always looking for an employee who is able to show them something new and groundbreaking.  However, getting your foot in the door and remembering that there is a whole flock of people in the same situation as you is of utmost importance to remain sane in this crazy time of our lives.

Here are some quick links that reinforce our opinion:


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